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Please click here for the video or click the icon below from the March 28, 2021 Queer Liberation Seder.

To see my new series on Trans needs in Jewish Sacred Aging, please click here or click the icon below.

To see my new monthly series on Trans spirituality on please click here or click the icon below.


To see my new Peer Reviewed article on Jewish Law in Gender Transition, click Traditional Sources Against Prohibiting Trans Jews from Transitioning Gender or click the icon below.

For an article in Jewish in Seattle Magazine about my gender transition from September 2017,  Click HERE or click the icon below:

For an audio only recording of my interview on "State of Belief", regarding the US transgender military service ban, (August, 2017), Click HERE or click the icon below.

For an article in the London Jewish Chronicle (July, 2017) about the US transgender military service ban, Click HERE or click the icon below.

For an interview by the Jewish Telegraph Agency/Jewish War Veterans of America (July, 2017) regarding the US transgender military service ban, Click HERE or click the icon below.

My remarks at the Olympia Unity Day Rally at the State Capitol January 3, 2018.

My remarks at the Washington State Department of health hearing on a third gender marker on birth certificates can be found here.December 5, 2017.

This is my Bible and Gender workshop at Gender Odyssey 2017. August 2017
#Gender Odyssey

My remarks to the Washington State Healthcare Authority regarding proposed changes to WAC 182-531-1675. These remarks centered on the accessibility and availability of transgender healthcare in Washington State. June 27, 2017.

My address to the Olympia City Council regarding the homeless issue in our community. January 3, 2017.

Discussion on staying safe during the holidays. December 2016.   

Gender Odyssey 2016 Presentation on Bible and Gender. August 2016
#Gender Odyssey

My testimony against SB 6548, one of six anti-trans bathroom bills in 2016. January 18, 2017.


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