Queer Midrashim

I have started a series of Queer Midrashim on the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). A Midrash is a commentary, an exposition. It seeks to answer questions that remain unanswered, to fill in the blanks in the text.  In Queer Midrash, we seek to explore the text in a way that rights wrongs from Queer, Feminist and Disability perspectives.  As the Midrashim are completed, they will be made available.

It is my hope to eventually write enough to publish them in printed form, but I have been repeatedly asked to make them available on my website, so I am doing that here.

Please remember that these are copyrighted material. I hold legal and Torah rights to these original works. You may share them with others freely as long as proper attribution is given.

I hope you enjoy them.  As always, I welcome feedback if you have questions or comments on the stories, through the contact form on my website or through my Facebook Page @ Rabbah Rona.

I Ruled an Empire on my Knees 

A Queer Creation Midrash 

A Queer Reading of Judge Devorah and Yael 
Edited 7/7/19

Yehudit bat Yiftah

The Original Pride Parade 
Edited 7/7/19

Rahav – A Queer Woman of Color, Who was a Sex Worker
Content warning:  Rape 

A Queer Midrash - Women Taken Captive 
Content warning: War; Rape
Updated 8/4/19 

Hallel Gadol

Queer Midrash - Kriat Sh'Ma and Climate Change