Friday, June 30, 2023

God Loves Queer People

This video comes from my colleague The Rev. Alexa Gilmour in the Greater Toronto Area. She writes:

Too often, attacks rooted in a hateful form of Christianity are what make news. The rest of us, along with our inclusive theology, are silent or silenced. One month ago, our Canadian provincial rep (like your State reps) Krystin Wong-Tam invited a small group of queer and ally clergy to a meeting on June 1st or so at Queen's Park parliamentary building to ask us how we might be able to counter the right wing Christian narrative that Christians hate 2SLGBTQI+ people. They shared horrifying stats about the rising hate crimes and laws aimed at rolling back human rights. I don’t have to tell you about this as many of you know this is happening in your country and in mine. As you’ve heard me say, hate knows no borders, why should our love? 

She has asked that other clergy share this.  This work is directly in line with my activism and scholarship, so I am honored to share this.

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