Friday, December 25, 2015

My Great Journey Part 5

My Great Journey Part 5

Positive Experiences So Far...

In my last post, I wrote about challenges that I’ve faced in the month since I came out as a Transwoman.  In this post, I’d like to talk about some of the many amazing things I’ve experienced so far.

First and foremost, this journey would not be possible without the love and support of a number of important people in my life:

  •     My wife, life partner, best friend Susan. Her full acceptance and love of me through this transition is the only reason this has been possible.  We have been together for over 32 years, and I hope we have at least another 32 to go...

  • ·       My sister Ros. She has been there for me through this, and has unconditionally loved and supported me through this.
  • ·       My “sister-OUT-law” Joanna Free, who has been an adviser and confidante of mine throughout this journey. Her wise counsel has been invaluable to me in this venture, as well as in many other important facets of my life.
  • ·       My teacher, Yiscah Smith,, author of “Forty Years in the Wilderness” She is an outstanding teacher of Judaism, as well as an experienced Transwoman, who openly shares her experiences with others in their transitions. If you are interested in learning about Judaism or transgender experiences, please reach out to her.
  • ·       My teacher and friend, Hope Raine,  Hope transitioned over 25 years ago. She now works to help other transwomen grow and flourish, in their journeys. She teaches us how to live, dress, and act like the women we are.  If you are beginning your journey, PLEASE reach out to her. Her services are invaluable to new transwomen, wherever you live.
  • ·       My friends, the T-sisters, the transwomen of the Olympia WA community.  This group of amazing women is open, loving and supportive of all who come to this journey, whether you are brand new, or have been living it for a lifetime.

In addition to the amazing support from my community and my family, I have had some other wonderful things happen in this last month.

Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), also known as Cross-Gender Hormone Therapy, has been amazing.  For many, there are growing pains going on HRT. For me, subduing the testosterone and having the increased Estradiol in my system has brought me a sense of calm and contentment that I’ve never had before.  I have found a new smile, that I never could present before; an open, cheerful one. Many have commented on what I discovered in myself – how wonderful it is to be able to truly smile and be happy.  I wish that all transgender people could find this happiness, but I do know that far too many have huge struggles, rather than happiness.

With our T-Sisters here in Olympia, Susan and I have found a new and engaged socialization.  We have done more social things, including dinners and parties, in the last month, than we did in all of 2015 combined.  The Sisters have created such a loving, supporting, nurturing environment, that those of us who are new to this can flourish.  They have welcomed Susan, my wife/partner of over 32 years, with open arms, as a Trans-Ally.  It is amazing to have an Ally in your life, and I wish all find theirs...

When I started boxing up my male clothing, Susan told me “don’t start crying.”  I imagine this is hard for many.  I felt a sense of achievement, but I have a lot more to pack up. I just haven’t had time.

I have also found new opportunities professionally.  I recently took the Washington State Certified Peer Counselor program.  I will take the certification exam/board in January, but I am already putting those skills, in addition to my pastoral counseling skills, to work, as a phone operator for the Trans Lifeline –  Brothers and sisters – if you’re having a crisis, or just want more info, please reach out to us. We are there for you...

I am very eager to start seeing changes in my body from the HRT.  It usually takes at least 3 months for changes to be noticed. I’ve been on them for five weeks at this point. I know I need to be patient.  I am also eager for my hair to grow out. I know that HRT will help this as well.

The thing that is most amazing, I would have to say, is that when I look in the mirror, I am starting to see RONA; I don’t see Jaron so much anymore. Many have commented on how far I’ve come. I may not see it in the same way because I’m living it, but the changes are positive and amazing.
I can’t promise weekly updates on my blog, but will post things when I have them to say...

I welcome comments, but please keep them polite and friendly.  To my Christian friends, Merry Christmas. To all, Happy New Year...

Peace, Rona

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  1. Thank you Rona, for your post because I see as a away to better understand Transsexuals, I have known your through dialogue on a military FaceBook clone and was not aware, just want you to know that you have my respect and support.