Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rave Number 7 – The Midterm Election

           Well, the politicians have gone and done it, haven’t they.  It began with Gingrich in the 1990’s, when “Rush was right” (he really was wrong).  The Republicans impeached Clinton because the Democrats were pushing to the left.
          Then came Bush 2, and his “War on Terror” which was really a war on the world.  He and his Republicans went further and further to the right.  Along came the 2008 Presidential Election, with the McCain/Palin ticket.  Sarah Palin came out of nowhere to become a star and the role model for the “Tea Partiers”.
          Over the last couple years with Obama in office, he and the Democrat controlled House and Senate have pushed way far to the left, in response to the pushes to the right from the Republicans over the previous generations.
          So what happened yesterday?  The Republicans got control of the House and gained seats in the Senate.  With all the Tea Partiers who got elected, the roadblock to effectiveness that we already had in place is now going to get way worse.  During the past two years, the Republicans have as a whole refused to work with Obama and have opposed most of what Obama tried to do without any negotiation.  They were the minority yet they seemed to be in control
          Now they really are – they have the House and more Senators.  How much do you think we’ll be able to do for our Country in the next two years?  Not much, as I see it.  We’ll be in a huge standoff, with the House trying to push their same old sad song of supporting Big Business and Wall Street, while trying to destroy Main Street and the real people in this Country.  The Democrats, meanwhile, will keep trying to push their radical left wing ideas, and we’ll just have a big mess.
          The Republican mix in the house is not homogeneous however. There are the Tea Partiers, but there are also many mainstream Republicans who don’t see things the same way. It will be interesting to see if they can come close to having a common agenda – I’m doubtful.

          So – what do we do?  It is far time that we had a third, Centrist party in this Country.  All we have are the Republicans who want to polarize to the right and the Democrats who want to polarize to the left.  All of us are stuck in the middle with this tug-of-war.  We’re going to get torn to pieces.
          The only way this will ever get resolved is if America wakes up and gets enough people to realize what I’m saying, and form some kind of Centrist party that will work towards moderation in all of the agendas on both sides.  Every argument has some merit, but with the huge polarization, no-one is interested in compromise.
          I hope and pray that in 2012, there will be some common sense arising. Please, America, THROW THE BUMS OUT!!! Don’t vote for incumbents, and don’t vote for the same old dross.  Get some new people in there who can work the center, compromise, and actually move our country forward.

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  1. I was agreeing with your whole rave, Jaron, but then you lost me at the end. Saying "Don't vote for incumbents" is utter nonsense. Incumbents are people just like anyone else. Some do good and some don't. So you throw out the bad ones, and keep the good ones. You don't just throw out all incumbents automatically. That kind of thinking is why my state lost a damned decent Governor yesterday who made a lot of positive changes, and was replaced by a wholly-owned subsidiary of big business who will dramatically cut education funding in a state where public schools are barely treading water as it is.