God Created a World where Sex and Gender are Non-Binary

In this workshop, we explore Jewish texts about sex and gender to see that sex and gender can be read as always having been non-binary. We also briefly explore Greco-Roman culture to help understand the ancient Israelite culture. We then explore several characters in the Tanakh who can be read as non-binary as well.

The following workshop is titled "R-Rated Torah  - The Stuff We Never Talk About in Shul" 

In this workshop we explore in depth selected sexually charged verses from Genesis with traditional commentaries. Uploaded 1/9/2022

CONTENT WARNINGS: Rape, Incest, BDSM, other violent sexual content

Please click the icon below to view the slide show.

The following is a video recording of my "R-Rated Torah" workshop...

The following workshop is titled "Frequently Misinterpreted or Mistranslated Bible Verses"

In this workshop we will explore a number of Tanakh (Hebrew Bible verses) that are commonly misunderstood, and look at the history behind these misunderstandings. Uploaded 1/9/2022

The following is a video recording of my "Frequently Misinterpreted or Mistranslated Bible Verses" workshop...

Older workshops

This workshop explores the TRUE heroes of the Pride Revolution. Many have been erased from history. Others have been "whitewashed" by Hollywood. But in this workshop, I detail and identify, to the greatest extent possible, those who worked to gain freedom for those of us in the LGBTQ+ community. Click here to view the workshop.

These are the slides for my draft workshop on the Controversy Over Sex and Gender:

These are the slides for the workshop on Aging and Disability for Trans Jews are Here, March 31, 2021 (Trans Day of Visibility.)


These are the slides for the Temple Beth David Lunch and Learn Pride 2020, June 17 2020.


These are the slides from the November 2016 Transkeit Conference at the Pacific School of Religion, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, Berkeley CA.  

The following is from my Gender Odyssey 2016, Seattle, workshop on Bible and Gender. It is available in both video and slides. The audio is not wonderful, so please use your computer and sound system to hear it best.

This is the Gender Odyssey 2017 Bible and Gender Workshop

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